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Insight Into Professional Photographers Pricing

An idea of ​​prices for Professional Photographers

If you talk to many professional photographers, you get quite different stories regarding the prices of professional photography and services. With so many new digital photographers on the market, there can be no confusion about what a professional photographer is truth and what you can do for you.

People call all the time photographers to ask questions about pricing. In too many cases, hiring a photographer is falling prices. Potential customers see photo galleries of the sample line to decide what level of photographer comes into your budget.

Many calls and emails we receive in relation to professional photographers wonder about event photographers, wedding photographers, portraits and high prices of the family portrait. There are so many variables involved in a shoot, such as location, the corresponding journey to get to a photo shoot and the duration of the session itself.

"Professional photographers" may be as low as $ 50 for senior portraits or $ 5000 or more for a wedding photographer. The "photographer cheap" may not be the best option, because someone who works for $ 50, probably not a true professional photographer. Many of our customers are really confused by the prices associated with photography, so I have tried to shed some light on the subject here.

His teammate with his $ 500 camera is not a professional photographer

A professional photographer is not your neighbor who has made a trip to the photo shop and bought what they think is the latest digital SLR camera and bigger. Even if they have the best camera professional photographer, who makes a professional photographer. If you decide to go that route, you may regret that decision and can not get to shoot a wedding and senior portraits are the images that will have for a lifetime.

The use of an experienced photographer is the best way forward. Also, keep in mind that there is time involved. Even if you only need one shot, it will take time to find the best shot, ensuring the best light and in the case of senior portrait photographers, waiting for the issue of changing teams.

Another thing to consider is the cost of equipment for professional photographers. Good companies only use digital SLR cameras of high quality, specialized lenses, memory cards, professional, and lighting along with custom software for image processing. Customers benefit from professional photographers the latest technology used in professional photographs.

Another thing that falls under the umbrella of time is the time needed to produce the image. Some of the things that go into a photo shoot are: set up the equipment in advance, downloading photos and going through them after the shoot, retouch digital photos to decide which photos are best for prints , burning photos to DVD or CD, sent to a lab, and many, many more.

I think most would agree that there is great value you get from working with professional event, school, youth sports, senior portrait and wedding photographers.

Note that the true professional photographers shoot for a living. Photographers should be trained professionals who then undergo specific training methodology and shoot before they are able to work for a study.

The cost of photography services

If you are a Marine Corps unit in search of a bunch of photographers in the Marine Corps, a senior looking for senior portraits, a couple looking for a professional wedding photographer, the big question always is: How much is a professional photographer is going to cost me?

There are some things you should do when choosing a professional wedding photographer. Is there a value for money in their memories on their wedding night? Most customers say they do not. What about high prices portrait? Senior portraits are another important part of the life of a person, which means moving from one chapter of his life to another. Not worth paying a little more to hire a real professional photographer senior portrait to know that will have great photos will cherish for life? The price of the photos may vary from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the photographer, but sometimes the value can not be measured.

When choosing a professional photographer for their photography services it is best to make a decision based on value, not just the cheapest price. Think of it as you consider any other major purchase decision.

The price of Event Photography

Something to think about when considering event photographers event is the price picture. Event photography covers a wide range of photography services, therefore pricing for event photography services may vary depending on the type of event. Many event photographers marine cargo Corps units just to come to make their Marine Corps Ball photography. In 99% of cases, good companies do not charge the unit ball out of his Marine Corps. They make money when the Marines and guests shopping. In most cases, companies well actually a donation to raise funds for the Marines to help with the costs associated with his ball.

With event photography for company parties, there are many different pricing models that come into play. Many companies hire a photographer for a flat fee based on the number of people at the event. In some cases, companies pay for a certain number of photos in advance. One of the customers knew they were going to have 100 couples in their event and we paid in advance for a 5x7 for each pair and allowed them to buy more if they so wished.

When considering an event photographer, think about whether you want in the place of printing or prefer to have the photos sent directly to customers. All these things play an important role in the cost of your event photographer.

Why the hell Most wedding photographers prices vary so much?

With most of the photographers, once you throw the words "wedding photographer," prices skyrocketed. The reality is that a vast majority of wedding photographers, whose prices are extremely high. As a matter of fact, wedding photography, in general, may seem expensive at times. You might Google "wedding photographer" and find the website of a photographer whose work has impressed ... until you see the price. So do not even think about keeping the original image, or negative, prices can be crazy. That's why we now have good studies "Keep your price image" for portrait and wedding photography major. Digital photography has revolutionized the industry and many wedding photographers out there have not reached along the promenade.

The goal of a good photographer, ethics is not just a part of your money! Professional photographs are a wonderful way to capture your memories. The choice of photographer is very important and the photos they take can be invaluable.

Never press to pay more than they can afford to pay for wedding photos, but should not assume they are a scam or some kind of scam. When guests are gone, the gifts are opened and the honeymoon, apart from his marriage, his photos are what you have left. Good photos will give professional photographers worthy of becoming part of the history of his family. For more information about our wedding photography service please visit our wedding.

Photographers do more than come and take pictures. Below is a list of some of the things that are relevant to all professional photographers.

Expenses incurred by most professional photographers

Advertising - While it is good to have references from existing clients usually do not generate sufficient income to maintain a sustainable business. Advertising is expensive. Advertising on the web can be $ 100 per month for a photographer as small as a few thousand dollars a month for a larger photo company. Other advertising costs include print ads, web sites and event planning advertising Google AdWords and other pay per click. In any case, you can be sure that 99% of professional photographers spend a considerable amount of publicity that has to be paid.

Taxes - Like anyone else, photographers pay taxes on their income. Not only do they pay income tax, but also have to pay sales tax. For school photographers, photographers and photographers from youth sporting events is very short and dry, you pay sales tax based on the tax rate for the area in which to shoot. For our study, ie Temecula, the Inland Empire, Riverside County, Orange County and San Diego in the background throughout Southern California. That takes an average of 8.75% of its share of the top right of the amount of sales. In some cases, many areas of the country, including California, wedding photographers are required to pay sales tax even if they are charging a flat fee for their service. Many photographers think that the sales tax does not apply to "photographic services" such as wedding photography and photography of events, where they are paid a fixed amount. In most cases they are wrong and may have problems with the government if not met.

I personally know a case where a photographer from San Diego event that many of their events for a flat fee and thought he did not have to pay sales tax. When conducting an audit, he had to pay sales tax for a considerable amount of previous editions, which was about to put out of business. Think about that when you are considering a price of photographers, up to 40% in some cases could be paid in taxes! So if you're paying someone $ 1000 fee to $ 400 might be going on with the government.

Equipment - Professional level, the digital SLR camera bodies cost as much as $ 5,000. The lenses are usually more than a cost of a photographer, since many of them need to get the perfect shot. There are special lenses for portrait photography, event photography and all kinds of special lenses that photographers carry in her purse to make sure they have the majority of possible shots covered. Lenses of professional photographers' can cost $ 1,000 or more. Some lenses can cost as much as $ 5000 or more depending on the type of photography that have been designed. Lenses professional sports photographers "are a small fortune.

This equipment is worn like any other piece of electronics (which is what we are today, electronics). High volume photographers can carry out the cameras in a couple of years. The average life of a camera is 100,000 to 150,000 shots. In a large study, only youth sports photography and school photography business, photography studios can more than 50,000 children annually. After 2-3 shots per child, you can see how quickly you can break the team. With wedding photographers is not so bad, but a wedding can be up to 3,000 photos taken, they can still add up quickly. Add to all this a thousand dollars on the lights, flashes, tripods, camera bags, memory cards, batteries, and hundreds of other miscellaneous items that professional photographers need and begin to get an idea of ​​how expensive a professional photographer can be.

Insurance - For sports photographers and school, liability insurance is a must. It is recommended that this type of photographers carry at least $ 2 million in liability insurance. Insurance is more expensive equipment. A large photography company could be worth $ 100,000 or more teams, which is a few thousand dollars per year to insure.

Other costs that photographers price effect

Sales and Prospecting - For photographers of the school and school photographers, most of his time is dedicated sales, marketing and prospecting. This involves a lot of time. Simply find prospects that can be marketed to take hours of each day. Once a lead is found, the time is spent trying to make contact and set up a meeting to present their products and services. Driving to the meeting and meeting with clients can take a whole day. For wedding photographers, time spent with the client before the wedding, again after the wedding that shows the finished products. When added to a wedding album, you can see that most professional photographers dedicated to making everything but shooting.

After a shootout, many photographers hours editing, color correction and retouching of images. For youth sports and school photographers, there will be hours of data entry of customer orders. Unlike photographers who only shoot weddings or portraits of high-level typically deal with one client at a time, youth sports and school photographers in front of thousands of customers a month, in many cases. In addition, youth sports and school photographers have several "layers" of customer interaction. For youth sports photographers, its main customer is the league or organization making the decision on which photographer to choose from, but customers who make purchases are the parents of the league. A good study will also be assigned a dedicated client manager to each league or school to make sure you have everything you need to make sure your picture day a success.

True talent, professional photographers are artists. Anyone can learn the ins-and-outs of a camera and remember all the functions. Professional photographers have a "photographer's eye," which allows them to see and take the right shot. Really good pictures are not adequately exposed, are something to remember.

We hope this article helped shed some light on things to consider when comparing the prices of photographers.

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10 Tips On How To Make Sure Your Wedding Photographer Is A Professional

Wedding photography is an exciting field with many photo enthusiasts looking to make some extra money on the side provide cheap wedding photography.

After paying hundreds of just the dress alone, no matter the church, flowers, reception and all foods and beverages. It is tempting to book a cheap wedding photographer, after all, photography is probably the last thing I think.

Choosing your wedding photographer is the most important thing to do when planning your wedding. Indeed, it should be the first thing to do.

First class wedding photographers are filled months in advance so you do not leave it until the last minute to book. But he said there might be some non-reserved dates in order to give them a ring and if the date is free.

Obviously everyone's desire for clothing to be beautiful, stunning flowers, food to be delicious and reception to be charming. Wedding Photographer, however, should be one of the main things on your list of necessities.

If you choose a wedding photographer of poor quality can be felt in every picture you are watching.

Nothing is more important than wedding photography. Why? Well, just think about it - what happens when the wedding is over? The flowers are dead, the dress is lyophilized (or what they do is clean) and put in a box, the cake is eaten, and one year after your wedding you do not even remember what you ate. All that remains to this day are your memories - and photos are the gateway to the memories.

Until the end:

1. Does the photographer have many different pictures to show the same wedding? I would worry if they were all the same wedding. Adequate professional photographers have taken pictures of the wedding for many brides are different and reflect on their work. On the other hand, if you only see a picture of each suspected wedding photographer has only one good picture of the day. You need to know that they are consistent and have taken photographs in many different weddings with at least three different images from each wedding in your gallery or a book. As a media guide, photos of the last three weddings are appropriate.
2. Does the photographer listen? A photographer who talks all the time about how good he is someone who should be careful. If a professional is not willing to listen, then they are not very professional, I mean how do you know what you're looking for?

1. Really like this person? You will pass the most important day of your life with a stranger, make sure you like them. If the photographer's clashes with his personality, you could be in a happy day - or at least an awkward one. Why risk being unhappy in the most important day of your life? That's why reading the photographer's personality is, in my opinion, more important than the analysis of their portfolio. Will it be informal? Offensive? Apart? When you talk with a prospective photographer, get a feel for them and see if it's someone you'd like to be friends. If the answer is "yes", then put on your list!
2. A professional has a style. A professional photographer has a distinct style and taste. Photographs may be black and white or color, you can see a lot of manipulation in images or not.
3. An amateur photographer posing as a professional, will not have much of a style. Your images will be without interest and vulgar. If your style is all over the place, then you can bet your life that are not professionals.
4. What are the pictures like?
1. Images are flat?
2. Too dark or too light?
3. Can you see the details of the wedding dress or just a white spot?
4. Do people in the pictures look awkward or distracted?
5. Are the group photos look dirty?
6. They are messy history in photos?
7. Are the funds to compete for the attention of people in the picture?
8. Are people looking at the camera?
9. Do you still have your head?

If you answer yes to these questions, then I would say that is not a professional photographer.

There are exceptions however, photojournalism style, most people in the photos are not looking at the camera and the funds can be a bit annoying.

We also ask the photographer, where the photograph was taken, sometimes you have done the best they can do. This is especially true with the wedding registry, where registration offices, usually located in or near industrial areas, where funds are not very attractive.

1. Does the photographer look professional? This is the most difficult to measure, as many people knows how to dress with style and is easy to learn the technical aspects of the camera, the terminology to explain the pictures and sell your presentation. You never know with certainty, but there are some suggestions:
1. Ask them if they do photography as a full time career?

i. If yes, then it is a definite plus.

ii. If they say no, then ask them what else to do. If it's a completely different field, such as construction work or in the office, it is not a professional photographer, will have nothing to lose if they spoil their wedding photos.

1. How long have they been in business?

i. Anything less than a year is suspicious, especially because you do not have enough experience with the wedding professionals reaching out of the seminars and courses.

ii. Two or three years is good, the photographer probably had wedding experience enough to know what to expect and how to deal with any situation that may arise.

iii. Just over three years is very good (the time it is his full time job) and shows that are doing very well and have a good reputation.

Ask about the photographers with their friends and acquaintances, to see what the reputation they have achieved. If it's good, then you can trust, if not, do not trust them, think of it as an index of confidence.

1. How many weddings have been photographed?

i. This is important if you get a figure of less than 20 then to be on guard and take all of the other answers when the final decision on whether or not the books, especially of how many years have been in the business. If you only have 20 weddings in two years, then maybe not books. 20 is a very small number of weddings over the past two years, you can expect on average an expert photographer to photograph at least 20 weddings a year.

ii. If you get a figure of over 200 and have been in business for only a couple of years later, blatantly lying. There is no possible way that they have covered many weddings in two years.

iii. For a company that has been running for two years, a reasonable figure for weddings covered is 60.

1. Does the photographer to go to seminars and if so which ones?

i. If you have not been in all courses or seminars that are completely self-taught, then they are definitely amateur photographers. Professional photographers usually attend seminars and courses to keep cool and honed her skills to a fine point.

ii. If they have been in some courses when then started have not been committed to quality and excellence in his photography and probably cut corners a lot. Be careful with these.

iii. If they attend general courses, not specific to wedding photography then questioned his commitment to his craft.

iv. If you go to specialized courses in wedding photography very often, then great! This shows that they are committed and focused on his craft.

Often attend specialized courses in specific styles of wedding photography. This is to stay fresh and on top of my profession. I learn from books and practice often, but you can only get so far self-learning and there is absolutely no substitute for practical experience and training.

1. Does the photographer have a contract? A photographer who has a contract can not be trusted. If you purchase any type of service pipe to the photograph must have a contract. This is to protect you from everything that can go wrong and so you know exactly what you are getting. The contract can be long and complicated or short and sweet. Photography contract guards against a photographer who did not complete their part of the deal. It also protects them takes the money and run. It also allows a legal right for the service you have paid and also tells what is allowed to do with the photographs. The contract must also have attached a section that tells the photographer for all wedding details.
2. Does the photographer will ask about the pictures you would like to take in the day, you will be asked about family relationships and family policy? The photographer should ask about the photos you would like in the day, a wedding is a great event that brings together many distant family members and usually only today to photograph together. Many family members are coming from far away and the photographer should know about these important people. A wedding is a very emotional event and the photographer should ask and know about potential problems between family members not to start any fight. Besides knowing all this, the photographer should ask for a link within the wedding party, it is usually an usher on both sides of the family, someone who knows all the family members by sight. Remember that the photographer probably has never met his family before them the appointment of someone who knows everyone who will be there is very important to get all you want to shoot in the right place at the right time.
3. Price: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!" Honestly, would not be in your photography budget the same way I would like to see in the budget, for example, your wedding dress.
1. You might get lucky and find a talented photographer and cheap for under £ 500 for a full day coverage, but like most things in life you get what you pay and the end result will most likely with nothing to do with you ordered, poor quality photographs malformed or not all the pictures!
2. If you can find the budget to get out of the range and the next lower level (for example, £ 500 to £ 1,000 to cover half a day) that will expand your options for truly professional photographers and largely, no doubt, finish with stunning photos that last a lifetime.
3. If you move to a higher level (eg £ 2.000 - £ 4.000) their options expand exponentially, as it now is not limited to photographers in your local market, you can start the source of the photographers who are willing to travel nationally.
4. The price of service is obviously important to you, as you probably have already spent thousands of people at the wedding itself. It makes no sense to skimp on photography. As mentioned above, everything else is eaten, forgotten, or put into storage, photography pretty much all you have to start your day to show everyone.

Everyone has a budget, try your best to stretch the budget and book a professional photographer for as long as you can get, not be disappointed.

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How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

His COMMITTED excited, and on a mission to find that special wedding photographer that will help you and your spouse to remember and relive the day he said, "I" .. If this sounds a bit like a game of making your mind after you're right. Of all the providers you choose to help make their fantastic wedding day, the photographer will spend all day with you. Think about it, your baker will bring the cake and leave to your florist delivers everything again and leave, your wedding planner will take care of you from time to time, but while the photographer will always be there recording every time. Once you realize this search and the "wedding photography" or "wedding photographer" on Google and find yourself looking at a list of between 2 to 12 million results. You do not have the time or desire to start clicking and searching through them all so here are ten questions to help you find your perfect wedding photographer.

1. You may not know what you want until you know what you want.

Because there is no exclusivity in the love and passion with others wedding portraits should reflect that uniqueness. As a result, it is necessary to understand and be able to articulate the style of photography that best suits you. This involves asking two questions:

a. What kind of movies do you and your girlfriend like to watch movies and what types you see yourself in? The film (s) you choose will give you an idea of ​​the feeling about all of the photographs is likely to want to have. If you like movies based family then you will love the pictures that have an emphasis on family and friends. On the other hand, if you like action romance, high drama or movies, then you might be more interested in photographers who are able to produce spectacular pictures that focus on you.

b. What magazines do you like seeing yourself in? Each magazine has a customer base demographics. And this is not by accident. Do you like the pictures of Vogue, GQ, Modern Bride, or W? Look through magazines and find images you would like to see himself and cut the pictures for future reference.

2. Search the web photographer

Because there are so many websites with only the best keywords to find what you want can be a daunting task so here are some ideas to make it a little easier. Use words that are specific to you about the kind of wedding photography you are looking for. You will also have to look in the words of which are getting married and / or where you want to find your photographer. Here are some ideas:

* [City] wedding photography
* [The city] wedding photographer (s)
* Wedding Photographer (s) in [City] [State]
* Wedding Photography in [City] [State]

These will give you a number of results to choose from. Each of these searches will give you a list of different photographers. You can also search advertising sites like http://www.atlantanbrides.com Wedding and [http://www.modernluxury.com/brides/atlanta]

These sites will give results more than enough to look through. Once you see a list from which to visit many sites as possible, but only to look at the photos. Its goal is to find a photographer with the photos you can see and be proud and excited to show your friends and family.

3. Photographer Website

The site is the gallery of personal wedding photographers of his best work. The purpose of visiting the web site is not only assess whether you like the style of the photographer, but also to get more aquatinted with the photographer as well. Once you click on the website then take some time to visit the "we" or "bio" of the website. Meet the photographer a bit. Once done wonders if it was someone who could make friends. You may want to make a list of photographers to compare. However, no matter how good or bad that the photos are, if you do not think you friends with the photographer after the photographer should probably not considered. While perusing the galleries began to write some notes about what you like about the photos, if you can see from the pictures, and if they refer others to the photographer. Do not be shy about his comments, be honest, as if watching his own photos. If you are not impressed with the photos and quickly move to the next page. Never stay at a site longer than necessary. ** Remember to resist the temptation to look at the prices or unrelated categories like children's portrait and / or pictures of senior year, while in the website. You are on a mission so always remember to stay on task. Once it was determined that as the photos on the website, bookmark that site and move to the next. You, your best friend, and his nemesis If you really trust my "first impression" in a decision so important? I can only answer a resounding "YES". Our "intuition" is typically comprised of knowledge, past experiences, and perceptions of future events based on the knowledge learned. Make a great decision that will be a matter of research and personal experience. So take your time to learn and see as much as you can so that when it comes time to make this important decision is going to be excited and very confident that made this decision.

4 - Location, Location, Location

Believe it or not, not all photographers can produce artistic portraits in any given place. As a bride, you have to be honest with yourself and with your photographer about your expectations of photography for that day. You should always remember that you are hiring a photographer for a specific reason, to capture individual moments of that day so that those memories will never be forgotten. An important component of your day will be the location and venue for the meeting. You need to know the place photographic expectations and constraints. Here are some questions to ask your venue:

1) Does the site allow flash photography?

2) Is there a requirement of insurance?

2) Is there a time limit in any place that the photographer should know? (You can ask the seller of this issue and let the photographer know about this.)

3) Is there a place in the seat that you can not photograph? You need to know policies based on photographs and where they can and can not be taken.

4) Request the place if there is something that the photographer has to know you have not asked. (Phrase this issue as it did with the others.)

5) What was the worst violation of campus policies photo? (This will give you an idea of ​​its seriousness about its policies and what is important to them.) Be sure to bring these responses with the photographer during your meeting.


Ask your supplier of personal recommendations and see the photographer's website. Put the sites that best fit your style in the list of potential photographers.

When viewing web pages, ask yourself: -

* Does the photographer who has the capacity to adapt to their environment? (Is there a variety of photographs of a variety of places?)
* It is the creative photographer enough to be able to make high-quality pictures anywhere? (Is that the photographer creative in the approach?)
* It is the general character of the site something you like? (Would you be sure to recommend to a friend at the same site for its advice and recommendations to the photographers)

The quality of professional wedding photographers know how to use their surroundings as a backdrop for romantic portraits. If you are having a candlelight wedding photographer will then have the equipment to properly expose for the setting of extremely low light. If you are getting married on the beach, then the photographer will need equipment and expertise to ensure that the sun not the power of her beautiful dress and a smile.

5 - Free book in advance as soon as possible !!!!!

The key here is to make sure you are happy and comfortable with your photographer. You never want to choose and decide on a photographer for lack of time or pressure of the photographers, friends or family. Give a little time and space. This is really up to you. You need to feel comfortable and confident with your decision. Once you feel comfortable and confident decision after signing the contract and be happy that this decision is out of the way.

6 - Call or contact your point of view Professional Photographer

Once you have a list of photographers then start calling! When you talk with your photographer perspective, for the first time there are some things you may want to consider. Let the photographer know you've seen his website and are impressed with what you have seen and would like to ask some questions that were not covered in the website. When talking with a photographer has to be seen as an interview. Remember, you are hiring a professional to do a job that can not be repeated. There are no "do-off" with photos of the wedding so try to meet photographers the best possible way.

Here are some things to consider:


You must approach this call as an interview. It is really to find out what this photographer is coming and decide whether to meet with the photographer in person.

* When the photographer answers the phone, how do you think? Happy? Sad? Annoying? O happy to talk with you? Remember, you are calling the photographers business phone. The photographer knows who is calling for a business reason. [There is no excuse for the photographer to meet anyone who is not happy and glad to speak with you.]
* Ask open-ended questions like: What do you like about weddings, how long has photographed weddings, which he started in wedding photography.
* Ask all the questions you can think about your personality and wedding photography career.
* Ask about availability of the date and place of the wedding and reception.
* How long has the photographer been in business?
* What makes the best wedding photographer like to photograph?
* Are you a photographer full time or part time? (The purpose of this question is still just to see who this person is.)

Aspects to consider: When making the appointment that the photographer knows where you live and the hours they are able to meet. Also know what place where the photographer is coming from then ask the photographer to be a good place to meet in the middle. You want to listen to see if the photographer is flexible enough to get out of your / your way. If the photographer is unable to meet with you on the dates you have given then the photographer should offer some suggestions to help the two of you after the interview, if you're happy and your intuition says yes, then do an appointment.

WORD OF CAUTION: Professional photographers make their living on providing photographic services and no phone call. The photographer may have a "strong impulse" to meet them in person. This is not bad! The bad thing is the way we urge you to make an appointment. The photographer must talk with you and help you make the best decision possible photo. Be careful if the photographer is denied (tone or verbal) to answer questions and want to quickly set up an appointment. However, if the photographer is open to you and offers tips and questions about what you want, then the photographer has already decided that you are a good match for them and want to make an appointment with you. As always, if you feel comfortable, then make an appointment. Since there are more photographers than it could meet in a year is important to set appointments only 3-4 photographers. You may want to spend four hours of each session. This takes into account travel back and forth and talk to the photographer. You can see then that if you're not careful you could end up making the search for a photographer of his new job full time.

7 - packages, collections, INVESTMENTS

So far we have talked about the process of getting the best photographer for your wedding, but have not even touched the issue of what is really going to get at the end of the day. Some photographers call the content of what you get packages, collections, investments, or a commission to supply you with your wedding photos a day. Surprisingly, most photographers offer the same content as other pictures. The important thing is getting what you would like to have for the future and not what you think you need now. You want an album by the story you want to show their families and grandchildren in the future. Slide shows are nice because you can have stereo to the photos inheritance. Digital negatives and reprints: Reprints Some photographers will sell directly to you. This means you only receive copies of your wedding day (this is independent of its disk) when you pay the photographer for them. These prices vary depending on the size of the footprints and the number you requested. Other photographers to create a combination package where you get a CD / DVD featuring a limited or unlimited number of photos. You may be able to make use of these photos on your own or you may be able to see on a computer and email them with no option to make your own reprints. Albums: Albums, albums and albums! As the wedding industry grows, more and more companies are offering drives making it important to see a disk model you choose. It is important to see the disk model because two photographers can use names similar to the albums at the end are not so similar.

Questions about the album you should ask:

1 - How many pages are on the album?

2 - What options do I have on the album?

3 - On average, how many photos fit on the disc? Some photographers offer other products, but the main thing you want to consider is what you are looking for. Do you want to have plenty of copies to give away and a great album to show your friends and family, or looking for something small, like an album the day? These are questions that you will consider carefully. Whatever your choice, make sure there is clear communication between you and your photographer.

8 - Contracts: Who needs them?

A friend once told me that "has contracts to friends of friends and enemies to kill each other." Due to the nature of the service is asking the photographer is very important that you get everything agreed in writing. Make sure the type of album, number of pages, and the amount of time that is required of you is a photographer in writing. The reason this is important is because if something were to go wrong, then it may be considered in court. Contracts to keep people a little more honest than if I had one. Personally, I go about everything in the contract before signing the contract. In this way, everyone understands what is happening and communicating what is expected is clear.


The photographer should interview like everything to be interviewing photographers. As stated before, "not everyone is for all" applies here too. The photographer should ask questions that identify your personality and the personality of your relationship with your boyfriend. I always ask questions such as:

1 - When the two met?

2 - How long before the date that engaged?

3 - What is the most important detail in your wedding you most excited about?

4 - Is the place you have chosen really important to you?

The photographer has to ask questions that will tell a little about the couple and what is important to them. If the photographer does not know what is important to you, then the photographer will most likely not photograph it is important to you. This most likely will result in not completely satisfied with your final product. In short, the photographer should have a good idea who the couple and what is important to them.

10 - The last question you should ask yourself.

What is your first impression? Remember that the decisions you make can not be based on what I thought was true or what he hopes is true. The best answer I can make about the decision is based on the information we have now. In short, consider your instincts, remember what you want from the photographer and the photographer produces stylish, and have a good time choosing the best photographer to photograph him.